Understand Amazon Redshift Data Sharing

Lab 1

Let’s first understand some data sharing terms & concepts - for details, refer to the Amazon Redshift User Guide :

  • A datashare is the unit of sharing data in Amazon Redshift. Use datashares to share data in the same AWS account or different AWS accounts.

  • Data producers (also known as data sharing producers or datashare producers) are clusters that you want to share data from.

  • Data consumers (also known as data sharing consumers or datashare consumers) are clusters that receive datashares from producer clusters.

  • Datashare objects are objects from specific databases on a cluster that producer cluster administrators can add to datashares to be shared with data consumers.

  • Cluster namespaces are identifiers that identify Amazon Redshift clusters. A namespace globally unique identifier (GUID) is automatically created during Amazon Redshift cluster creation and attached to the cluster. You can see the namespace of an Amazon Redshift cluster on the cluster details page on the Amazon Redshift console.

  • AWS accounts can be consumers for datashares and are each represented by a 12-digit AWS account ID.

Also, review Data sharing considerations in Amazon Redshift .

Now, let’s start by creating an Amazon Redshift environment in AWS Account.