Well-Architected Insights

Well-Architected Insights provides serverless developers with insights and recommendations to continually improve their applications and keep them secure, compliant, optimized, and efficient.

The second section of the lab will demonstrate how to automatically create a role in your AWS account, delegating read-only access to various services in your AWS account. Follow these steps to complete the configuration:

2.1. Account Onboarding to Dashbird.

If you are new to Dashbird, sign up for a free account in Dashbird.io. If you already have an account in Dashbird, go to 2.2.

Click here for Onboarding to Dashbird

2.2. Well-Architected Insights

From the Dashbird console, you can now access the Well-Architected Insights. From here, you should be able to see the Well-Architected best practices broken down by six pillars of Well-Architected Framework.

  1. Click Well-Architected Lens on the left panel to see your workload performance against each one of six pillars.

Section2 Well-Architected Lens