Share my Custom Lens

Share a Custom Lens

After we published our custom lens onto AWS Well-Architected Tool, we can share a custom lens with other AWS Accounts, IAM Users, AWS Organizations and organization units(OUs).

With this sharing mechanism, we can centralize the custom lens and share them from one designated AWS account. Once we have any update on custom lens, all the relevant workload review will able to apply the latest lens immediately.

Ideally you would develop a CI/CD process to automatically update and share your custom lenses from a version control repository as explained in this blog post.

Share a custom lens to other AWS accounts

In this step, we are going share our published custom lens with other AWS accounts and IAM users.

  • Open AWS Console and navigate to the Well-Architected Tool.

  • In the left navigation pane, choose Custom lenses.

  • Select the custom lens to be shared and choose View details.

  • On the Lens details page, choose the Shares tab, then click the Create drop down and select Create shares to IAM users or accounts to create a lens share invitation.


Enter the 12-digit AWS account ID or the ARN of the IAM user that you want to share the custom lens with.


Choose Create to send a lens share invitation to the specified AWS account or IAM user.

  • You can share a custom lenses with up to 300 AWS accounts or IAM users.

  • If the lens share invitation is not accepted within seven days, the invitation is automatically expired.