Creating a workload

Well-Architected Reviews are conducted per workload. A workload identifies a set of components that deliver business value. The workload is usually the level of detail that business and technology leaders communicate about.

  1. Click the Define Workload button on the landing page: ClickWorkload

  2. If you had existing workloads, then you will land at the Workloads listing. In this interface, click the Define Workload button: ClickWorkload2

  3. On the Define Workload interface, enter the necessary information: EnterWorkloadDetails

  • Name: Workload for AWS Workshop
  • Description: This is an example for the AWS Workshop
  • Review owner: Your name
  • Environment: Select “Pre-production”
  • Regions: Select AWS Regions, and choose US West (Oregon)/us-west-2
  1. Click on the Next button: ClickNext

  2. This will land you at the Apply lenses page. In this interface, the “AWS Well-Architected Framework” is always selected as it is not technically a Lens. We are not using any lens, so click on the Define Workload button: DefineWorkload