Viewing and downloading the report

  1. From the detail page for the workload you can identify the number of high and medium risk items: UpdateImprovementStatus

  2. You can also edit the improvement plan configuration. Scroll down and click on the Edit button next to the words Pillar priority: EditImprovementPlanConfig

  3. Move the Reliability Pillar up by clicking the up icon to the right of the word, Reliability: RaiseReliability

  4. Click the Save button to save this configuration: SaveConfig

  5. Click on the Properties tab: SelectReview

  6. Scroll down to set the improvement status: SelectReview

  7. From the detail page for the workload, click the AWS Well-Architected Framework navigation item (others navigation items would appear for any applied Well-Architected Lens): ViewImprovementPlan

  8. Click the Generate report button to generate and download the report: SelectGenerateReport

  9. You can either open the file or save it to view it.