Create a Well-Architected Workload with Tags

Let’s define a workload and associate the necessary AWS tags with it. The Well-Architected Framework Reviews are conducted per workload. A workload is a collection of resources and code that delivers business value, such as a customer-facing application or a backend process.

  1. We will start with creating a workload in the Well-Architected Tool. Click Define workload associated with the necessary AWS tags. Section3 WATool

  2. Now you can define a workload:

Section3 DefiningAWorkload

The following are the required workload properties:

  • workload-name - This is a unique identifier for the workload. Must be between 3 and 100 characters.
  • description - A brief description of the workload. Must be between 3 and 250 characters.
  • review-owner - The name, email address, or identifier for the primary individual or group that owns the review process. Must be between 3 and 255 characters.
  • environment - The environment in which your workload runs. This must either be PRODUCTION or PREPRODUCTION
  • aws-regions - The aws-regions in which your workload runs (us-east-1, etc).
  • lenses - The list of lenses associated with the workload. All workloads must include the “wellarchitected” lens as a base, but can include additional lenses.
  1. You need to attach the same tags associated with your EC2 instances.
    Key = Environment
    Value = watooldemo

Section3 Tags

Note: AWS Lambda function will use AWS Tags to determine if EC2 instances are being used for a new workload you defined.
AWS Lambda functions will only ingest data into Notes when tags on EC2 Instance and workload are the same.

  1. Choose the lenses that apply to this workload. AWS Well-Architected Framework has been selected by default.

Section3 Lenses


You have defined a workload to review.

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