Viewing and downloading the report


You can generate a workload report for a lens. The report contains your responses to the workload questions, your notes, and the current number of high and medium risks identified.

1. Gather pillar and risk data for a workload

  1. Using the get-lens-review API, you can retrieve the pillar review summaries for the workload:
    aws wellarchitected get-lens-review --workload-id "<WorkloadId>" --lens-alias "wellarchitected"
  2. This will return a summary of the workload review summaries for each pillar.

1. Generate and download workload PDF

  1. Using the get-lens-review-report, you can retrieve the pillar review report in PDF format:
    aws wellarchitected get-lens-review-report --workload-id "<WorkloadId>" --lens-alias "wellarchitected" --query 'LensReviewReport.Base64String' --output text | base64 --decode > WAReviewOutput.pdf
  2. This will export the object into a PDF report file.
    Report2 Report3