Clean up the deployment

This lab presented a simple approach for aggregating the data of the workload reviews into a central data lake repository. It helps teams to analyze their organization’s Well-Architected maturity across multiple AWS accounts and workloads and perform centralized reporting on high-risk issues (HRIs).

To clean up from this lab, manually delete the:

  • S3 bucket and the data stored in the bucket,
  • Lambda function,
  • Glue crawler and database,
  • Athena views, and the
  • QuickSight resources.

Other custom integrations

It’s exciting to see the custom integrations with the AWS Well-Architected Tool made possible with the Well-Architected APIs. Here are a few more examples of the functionality available with the new AWS Well-Architected Tool APIs:

  • Integrate AWS Well-Architected data into centralized reporting tools, or integrate with ticketing and management solutions.
  • Automation of best practice detection.
  • Provide insights to AWS customers based on their AWS Well-Architected Review, and recommend remediation steps and guidance.
  • Pre-populate information in the Well-Architected Tool for customers based on information that’s already known about them—streamlining the review process.

By leveraging the Well-Architected Tool APIs, companies can effectively govern workloads across many AWS accounts, stay up-to-date on the latest best practices, and scale Well-Architected principles across teams and systems.